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Except for those of Lindsay & Lars, Valkenburg is the home of these 2 locals. They grew up there, got to know each other, got married and founded their own family here. Besides living, they worked here as well for many years in this pitoresk town.
In august of 2019 they bought their “own piece of Valkenburg”, Hotel Riche. A long cherished dream that came true. Once in time dreams do come true.
Lars you wil probably don’t see all the time but that doesn’t mean he is not there. anything but that is true. He is mainly working behind the scenes and making sure the hotel runs in the best way possible. When he is on the floor you can’t miss him. You recognise him by the enormous amount of energy that he emits. Lindsay you will probably see more often during your stay. From a warm welcome at arrival till a friendly good morning during breakfast. With her smile you will soon feel at home.

Lars & Lindsay, samen met hun gezin, heten jullie van harte welkom in Hotel Riche
Lars & Lindsay vieren de liefde, dat straalt het hele hotel ook uit


Love runs like a thread through the history of our hotel. In 1952 the hotel originated out of love and in 2019 it is still run with love. It was originally run by Theo Roodingand his Wifi, now a days by Lindsay & Lars.
In 1987 Theo Rooding, with his passion for the business, he took over from his father. In 2019 he gave it over to Lindsay and Lars. The energy and enthusiasm from this entrepreneur couple you will feel and see back in everything. From the service till the warm atmosphere, that is exactly the reason why you will feel at home when you are with them.

WE Heart of Valkenburg

It is a feeling. Something with our history here in Valkenburg. But also enjoying hospitality, the feeling of coming back home is what we want to share with everyone that is visiting Valkenburg. This is not only us, This feeling we want to share is also shared by our colleagues in Valkenburg. Together we made a mission statement, an ambition, call it a manifest. In a summary it consists of the following that we want to offer you:

“In Valkenburg we do not see you as a guest, Here you are one of us, also when you are not from around. Valkenburg is no longer the place that you just visit, it is a place where you are part of. Valkenburg is the second home for everyone that wants
to join us living the good life and shaping it in its forms. (part of the manifest, September 2019)

Hotel Riche is gelegen in hartje Valkenburg
Hotel Ruche ondersteunt lokale ondernemers door het gebruik van streekproducten


Our love for Valkenburg show in different ways in the hotel. From local bedlinen to local products on the breakfast buffet. You feel, taste, smell, hear and see Valkenburg. Hotel Riche mostly works with local businesses and suppliers. Just because we are proud of what our neighbours do.
And because we want to let you get known with everything Valkenburg has to offer
You can count on the fact that you will notice this during your whole stay in our town at the river Geul. We assure you that you will embrace Valkenburg and will want to come back, or even better, come back home!