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Discover Walking with Albert & Maarten

Many of our colleagues have a dog as a pet. Albert and Maarten even have 2. All of them love to walk in the Heuvelland. They get their car and drive to their favorite spots. Albert’s favorite is the Ingendael west of Valkenburg
Maarten is often found on the other side of Valkenburg, the Gerendal. Both nature highlights are on walking distance from the hotel. Together they made their top 5 for you:

  1. Family walk Valkenburg (5,4 km. Route 966)
  2. Ingendael (8 km, route 268)
  3. Around Valkenburg (13 km, route 44)
  4. Citywalk Maastricht (6,5 km)
  5. Three country walk (4,8 km)

    Extra Tip from Lars. The River Geul that runs through Valkenburg, is sprung in the Belgium Limburg in Lichtenbusch and finds its end in the river Maas in Bunde. The walking route Via Gulia follows the quickest river of Holland from its source til the Maas. The route is 53 kilometres and is split up in 3 parts.

    These routes are available at the reception, we have them on paper as well as digital