Ontdek Eating and Drinking

Working at the Riche and living in south Limburg are synonyms for the burgundian lifestyle. Everyone at the Riche visits its numerous number of restaurants and cafes that are located in South Limburg. From fries with local sour meat on the Maastricht Market to one of the best culinary restaurants Brut in Reijmerstok. The possibilities are limitless.

  1. Grotestraat Valkenburg,: Spanish, Italian, Regional, everything is possible
  2. Onze Lieve Vrouweplein Maastricht, little sister of the famous Vrijthof Square but big in atmosphere
  3. Market in Gulpen: Ocsy little square in the centre of Gulpen
  4. Mergelland: Restaurants on the most beautiful places in the Mergelland next to the Mergellandroute. From the Gerardushoeve till ‘het Hijgend Hert’ (log cabin in the woods) in VIjlen.
  5. Market Meerssen: situated at the basilica of Meerssen (one of the most beautiful churches in Limburg)