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Discover Shopping with Lindsay and Anouk

Lindsay and Anouk are our shopping ladies. They love to shop in our own Valkenburg but they are also often found in Maastricht and the EUREGIO. Valkenburg features mostly the small boutiques where maastricht and Aachen and more known from its big shopping chains. Valkenburg is small but a very cosy shopping town, The special boutiques are mostly run by our own local entrepreneurs. In Valkenburg you will find the special boutiques where the staff has all the attention you want. After the shopping you can enjoy and relax in one of the beautiful terraces that valkenburg is also known for

  1. Geulstad Valkenburg (Moustache, Gaaf, Joy Flowers, Mooi zo, Mi Casa, Juwelier Haesen en Bakkerij Geurten)
  2. Maastricht, ideal to combine shopping with the culture and eating and drinking, just like a burgundian lifestyle
  3. Aachen, Old versus New, a real student city just across the border in Germany, A lot of historical features are combined with the new architecture. TIP: Aquis Plaza, a big indoor shopping mall in the centre of the city
  4. Maasmechelen and Roermond Designer Outlet, villages made for shopping!
  5. Gulpen, Nice typical limburgian village at the river Gulp. The ideal combination of walking eating and drinking, shopping and relaxing